Graduated from the University José María Vargas (Venezuela), with a Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Designer, interested and motivated to play an important role in creating professional development plans for my design. I consider implementing and applying each of the knowledge that I have learned throughout my career and have helped raise my professional level in every area of design that I worked.


I have been responsible for providing layout and production artwork for the creation of forms, price lists, charts, brochures, manuals, flyers, packaging, corporate identity, and additional materials.


Also, I had been responsible for preparing electronic art files for printing and reprinting, they will create in PDFs, graphics and technical illustrations.

I understand the layout, type or fonts, color, and prepress, press and post-press processes in digital, offset or any print system. I’ve been working manipulating and retouching photos as well.



I will keep in constant development in the professional knowledge continue to hone getting me both visually, intellectually and personally, through projects that require use my skills, abilities, knowledge, and experience.



Graphic Design bring to you the solutions to communicate your vision and give personality of your company.

Carlos Ruiz - Graphic Designer